Hiker’s coffee break

Petra puts very well the importance of not focusing all your time on the trials and tribulations which are a part of living and instead to make time to reflect on your achievements and successes both large and small.

Petra Omoregie Caroline

Do you carry the heavy stone of responsibility and goals that have to be achieved? Take a break in your hiking, stop climbing up to the mountain of your goals and take a deep breath. Enjoy a cup of coffee and little bit of reading, enjoy yourself and give your body a well deserved rest. You will be much more powerful and faster after your little hiker’s coffee break.


My friend once told me: “Relax and read your own blog”. I have to say that I often take his advice. I look at all the posts that I have published, all the photos that I have taken and all paintings that I have created and it feels good. We often forget about the good things that happened in our life and we get lost in negative thoughts. My friend is right about his advice to me. I have to remind…

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A night in Two Hat Bothy

I am trying very hard to limit myself to just 2 of this bloggers posts daily – and failing miserably. Such an evocative writing style and pictures that accompany the post perfectly.


I’m late, an hour late arriving on the ridge that overlooks Bearnais bothy. An hour shouldn’t matter much, but this hour does because this hour makes the difference between arriving in day light and looking for the bothy in moonlight. My pack weighs heavily on my back, it’s full of wonderful things, like coal to keep me warm, tins of curry, baked beans and a chili con carne I cooked myself in a plastic box. I’ve even got a little tablet so I can watch a movie and some whisky that will warm me from the inside while the coal does its work from the other direction. I’ll soon be glad of all these things, things I’ve carried for miles over the hills and through the snow or at least I will as long as I can do one thing…find the bothy.

Hill walking Across the Glen

The darkness brings with it…

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The Gravity Trap

I am coming to the gradual realisation that on my next West Highland Way I must, by hook or by crook, overnight in one of the 2 bothies which are accessible on the route. Another lovely blog post from a deceptively good and educated hiker.


Distant Skye Distant Skye

Normally, when I’m out in the hills, I don’t worry too much about what the ground beneath my feet feels like. The earth I stand on is just sort of there, it’s usually pretty dependable and I take it for granted I can rely on it.

Right now, however, the one thing my mind is focussed on is what that ground is going to feel like. How jagged will the rocks be? How thick is the grass? The reason for my sudden interest is that I am likely to hit that ground, fairly hard, in a moment or two.

I spent last night, dreaming in front of the fire, at Uags bothy, on the coast a few miles south of the tiny Highland community of Applecross. Uags is a lovely little bothy, nestling in a small shingle cove. Just across the gently rolling green sea is the Isle of…

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